Why you should deploy your frontend applications in Cloudflare pages

Why you should deploy your frontend applications in Cloudflare pages

Well let's say you have built an amazing portfolio website, it works great locally and now you want to make it public, such that the world will be able to see that amazing site which you have built. Now when it comes to deploying/ hosting your frontend application there are various options available, most are either paid or even free. Some are having complex integrations and some with tradeoffs (like making your awesome app's repository public).

Don't worry, I got your back! Let me introduce you to Cloudflare pages. Well, I've been a Cloudflare user since 2013, The experience is just awestruck. Recently I've been making my hands dirty with Cloudflare workers, well that story will be for some other day, why don't you subscribe to me :p

What are Cloudflare Pages?

Cloudflare Pages radically simplifies the process of developing and deploying sites by taking care of all the tedious parts of web development. Now, developers can focus on the fun and creative parts instead.

You can read more about them here!

Why should you choose Cloudflare Pages?

  • It is hassle-free, using Cloudflare pages, you can go live in just 3 minutes, all you need is just connect your GitHub account, and voila.
  • It has a massive CDN service that caches content and enables ultra-fast static and dynamic content delivery.
  • You get a free SSL that enables in a single click, further link your custom domain with Cloudflare, and leverage other features like DDoS protection and many.
  • It supports various Framework presents including React, Angular, Vue, and many more, where you can set custom build environments and much more flexibilities.
  • Once set up, no need to leave the current workflow, Cloudflare manages it all, the only magic words you’ll need are git commit and git push. They’ll take care of building and deploying your sites for you

Well enough of the story, let's get the actual work done.

How the heck I'm going to get started?

  • Head over to the Cloudflare Dashboard, and login to your account. You will be seeing pages section in the left sidebar.
  • Once inside pages, you can click on create a project to get started.
  • As of now, when this post is being published, it supports only GitHub, so you can connect your GitHub to pull all your repositories.
  • Select your awesome frontend application which you want to deploy, and proceed by clicking Begin Setup
  • Give a project name, and select the production branch, which you want to deploy, and then there would be build settings presets for your framework.
  • Now just a step away, click on Save and Deploy and in 3 minutes, we are live!

Still not convinced, I've deployed my personal portfolio with Cloudflare Pages. And believe me, it was way easier and hassle-free than other services.

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